Conference speakers

Faculty for 2017 cruise conference

  • Dr. Alex Miller
  • Dr. Miller is a California based dermatologist. Alex is a program director with the American Society for Mohs Surgery, (ASMS). ACCO and ASMS have a long standing close working relationship, with many education and research programs being run in collaboration. Dr. Miller presented at our 2015 meeting and we are delighted to have him return. 
  • Dr. Alex Nirenberg 
  • As a dermatopathologist, Alex brings this important perspective to ACCO conference. Alex will contribute case discussions of melanocytic and non-melanocytic skin lesions to complement the conference program.
  • Prof. Anthony Dixon 
  • Anthony is the Director of Education with ACCO. With Dr. Miller Anthony will discuss difficult defects following excision of tumour. This will allow an interactive discussion on methods to handle some tough areas of skin.
  • Dr. Shelley Walder
  • General Practitioner, Dr. Walder has practiced solely in the field of skin cancer medicine for over 10 years. Shelley will chair our 2017 program and contribute to the interactive discussions on defect closures.