Conference photos

Photos from ACCO 2016 conference

Some photos from the ACCO conference held in Melbourne in August 2015.


From California ACCO welcomed dermatologist Dr. Alex Miller.

On top of his scheduled talks and panel contributions, Alex chipped in with extra talks when another speaker had to withdraw at late notice.

Thank you Dr. Miller 

World renowned expert on lymphoma Professor H. Miles Prince gave us a detailed update on diagnosis and management of cutaneous lymphoma.

Professor Miles discussed the emerging drug regimens and approaches to these difficult tumours.


From his rural dermatology practice in Kansas USA, Dr. Don Tillman brought us new perspectives and fresh ideas on managing difficult skin cancer dilemmas.

He also updated us on emerging novel usage of imiquimod.

Geelong based anaesthetist Dr. Peter Tolley contributed to our multi disciplinary approach.

Peter discussed the role of sedation in patients undergoing skin procedures. The techniques, risks and benefits were outlined.

  From Missouri USA, Dr. Nicole Tillman discussed some difficult and challenging cases in patients with cutaneous tumours. Complex approaches were broken down giving us an understanding of the needed plans when managing difficult situations.
ACCO was once again fortunate to have terrific input on the role of radiation oncology in skin cancer management. Pictured above is Dr. Vanessa Estall from Peter Mac Cancer Hospital. Along with Dr. Kathy Pope, Vanessa discussed the simple and complex techniques that can be used in different skin cancer scenarios.

Our meeting was fortunate to have a completely different perspective on all things skin cancer explained.

Matthew Nirenberg, engineer, explained the emerging technology of 3D printers and how they are currently used in skin cancer management and how they may be used in the future.    

ACCO Advanced Diplomat Dr. Prakash Appanna convened our session on defect closures. during this session a series of skin defects were presented.

Our expert panel explained how they might tackle each defect, with input from our audience.


Radiation oncologist Dr. Kathy Pope joined Dr. Vanessa Estall in our session on radiation oncology.

In this session simple and complex radiation techniques were explained. The role of radiation in primary management of tumours along with adjunctive therapy and in the management of metastases was explained.

 ACCO thanks our faculty and conference organising team. All contributed their time, energy and expertise in an entirely voluntary capacity.

Mrs Mary Dixon was part of the team organising programs behind the scenes.

Her role includes coordinating the program with ACRRM and RACGP to ensure doctors attending have their education accredited.

Professor Anthony Dixon was again a core member of the ACCO conference faculty. Whilst quietly keeping track on St. Louis baseball scores in USA, Anthony contributed to several sessions including the defect reconstruction panel. He also updated us on skills for effecting sensory facial nerve blocks.

 ACCO Chairman Dr. Stuart Anderson was again the chair of our conference. Stuart coordinated the entire program, ensuring the meeting kept to time and that there was ample opportunity for audience interaction.

Long time ACCO member Dr. Ken Leahy was again a contributor to our conference. Ken presented and discussed an unusual large facial defect.

Our panel, along with Ken, described their approach to managing the defect.

Lawyer and medical practitioner Dr. Owen Bradfield was again a contributor to our conference. Owen explained to us the trends in medical litigation as well as the growing role of medical defence companies in assisting doctors with professional body hearings.
  Dr. Alex Miller and Professor Anthony Dixon combined their experience to explain their take on  a range of difficult and troubling defects. The USA versus Australia perspective was contrasted and explained.

Photos out and about at ACCO Conference 2015

ACCO thanks Dr. Alex Nirenberg, (left below). Alex contributed our dermatopathology component and interacted from his perspective throughout the meeting. Alex was also our photographer. !


Our conference took place at the conference centre at the Boyd Building, Docklands.


ACCO thanks the "behind the s.cenes" crew including ACCO Coordinator, Maria Healy (left), Sam (Centre) and Simone (right)


Dr.Alex Nirenberg updated us on the ever developing world of dermatopathology.


ACCO was pleased that the Tillman family was able to join us from Kansas USA. Pictured below is Nicole (left) and Jil (right)


As a teaching aid  ACCO uses masks so attendees can outline their preferred closure approach. Of course some could not resist using the masks for fun instead.


During our meeting ACCO presented a cheque to the St. Vincent's Foundation. This cheque of over $2,000 was a result of a payment to ACCO Directors from Allmedic P/L. ACCO does not accept pharmaceutical money. As such the funds were donated to further cancer research.


Until next time! The conference of 2015 finished with the ACCO Annual General Meeting.