Certification in skin cancer surgery

ACCO certification in skin cancer surgery

The ACCO certification in skin cancer surgery requires the following:

  • Successful completion of the 5 day flap and graft program*
  • Satisfactorily pass the on line ACCO exam in skin cancer surgery - Details below
  • The candidate must be a registered medial practitioner in their country / state

* Surgical skills at the required tasks will be assessed at the 5 day workshop.

The candidate must demonstrate the skills necessary to perform the following closures:

  1. Rhomboid flap
  2. Transposition flap
  3. O - S flap
  4. O - Z flap
  5. Bilobed flap
  6. Twin advancement flap
  7. ROM flap
  8. A - T flap
  9. Rotation flap
  10. Small full thickness skin graft

The ACCO certification exam in skin cancer surgery is a 240 minute exam with 200 multiple choice questions.

Around 73% of the questions are written questions. The remaining questions are based in recognizing clinical images. 

The exam takes you through hypothetical clinical scenarios. Each scenario may invite you to ask a few or many questions as to how you would manage our hypothetical patient. 

In the process you will be examined in depth on management of melanoma, BCCs, SCCs.

The role of surgery, radiation oncology and medical oncology will be examined. 

140 correct answers from the 200 questions is required to meet the standard.