Terry Cronin

Terry Cronin MD Dermatology Florida USA

Dr. Terry Cronin has been an invaluable contributor to the Australasian College of Cutraneous Oncology. Terry is a dermatologist in Melbourne Florida. Terry's practice is confined to cutaneous oncology. As such Terry's practice is directly relevant to ACCO and ACCO members.

But perhaps more importantly Terry has been for years a Program Director for the American Society for Mohs Surgery (ASMS). The ASMS is an organisation of over 1000 dermatologists in USA and is an education body solely focused on cancers of the skin. As such the ASMS has vast experience managing skin cancer education programs. This is, of course, of great value to our much newer and emerging entity striving to provide similar services in Australia and New Zealand. ACCO appreciates the guidance and advice provided by the ASMS and especially by Dr. Terry Cronin.

Terry's father is also a dermatologist working in skin cancer. Terry is married and lives on the Florida coast. His wife (Ava) and their three sons are depicted below. Their back yard extends straight onto the water.

Other than dermatology, Terry is an novelist, film producer and comic book writer. Terry has written a series of books about a Miami dermatologist who helps catch murderers and drug barons. You can find his "Skinvestigator" novels on line. These short novels make great reading.