Lloyd Cleaver DO FAOCD

LLoyd Cleaver, Dermatology, Missouri USA

Dr. Lloyd Cleaver is a dermatologist based in Kirksville, Missouri, USA. Here he is the program director for a dermatology training program. His long standing business is now increasingly a family business with sons completing their dermatology program and joining the "Cleaver Dermatology" team.

Outside of his practice Lloyd has been one of the founders and continues to be a driver behind the American Osteopathic College of Dermatology, (AOCD). He is a past president of the AOCD and remains heavily involved in the day to day running of the organisation. Lloyd's main interest in the AOCD pertains to the setting and maintaining of standards.

Lloyd's career experience with the AOCD in USA along with his own practice have been a tremendous resource for ACCO. In particular, the setting of standards within ACCO along with the examination and review proceeses draw heavily from Lloyd's involvement in these processes at the AOCD in the USA.

ACCO has a stringent examination process for health professionals seeking certification in skin cancer management. Lloyd takes much of the credit for ensuring our examination processes and systems are robust and appropriate.