John Dixon


Overseeing the ACCO research program is Dr. John Dixon.

Professor John Dixon is a full time clinical researcher. The former rural General Practitioner is now Head of Clinical Obesity Research at the Baker IDI Heart & Diebetes Institute in Melbourne Australia.

John's clinical research includes a broad spectrum of clinical systems including: endocrine, liver, respiratory, nutritional, obstetric, psychological, - and the skin!

While most of John's research relates directly or indirectly to obesity, his well established skills in clinical research have enabled him to oversee clinical research in many other areas, - including all the research undertaken by the ACCO research team.

John's knowledge of other systems has assisted the ACCO team explore the links between aspirin, warfarin and post operative bleeding.

John's diabetes expertise was behind our study as to whether or not diabetics developed more frequent complications following skin cancer surgery.

Other links studied with John's assistance including smoking, age, gender and socioeconomic status of skin cancer patients.

John's assistance with the ACCO research continues with some research on photodynamic therapy published in 2014.