Howard Steinman

Howard Steinman MD

Dr. Howard Steinman is based in Dallas, Texas USA. Howard is a board certified dermatologist and has a ACMS Mohs College fellowship. His expertise is largely in the area of dermatologic surgery and especially cutaneous oncology. After a long career in San Diego Howard now operates in Texas.

Howard has been involved in post graduate medical education regarding cutaneous oncology for decades. He has been running courses in USA designed to enhance the skills of dermatologists in managing skin cancer. He is an editor of the two benchmark texts on Mohs surgery; "Mohs Surgery: Fundamentals and Techniques" and then "Mohs Surgery and Histopathology: Beyond the Fundamentals".
Howard was instrumental in the establishment of the American Society for Mohs Surgery (ASMS) in USA.
Here in Australia and New Zealand we are privileged to have Howards expertise with our developing organization. Indeed it was Howard that urged the establishment of ACCO.
He then set about guiding ACCO to develop the correct structure and education models. It is fair to say that ACCO would likely not have existed without the ideas and drive coming from Howard in Texas.
ACCO thanks Howard and hopes his relationship with us is long standing.