Key ACCO team members

ACCO Office Bearers & key members and supporters

Australasian College of Cutaneous Oncology has a core group of people that make the organisation possible.

The drive behind ACCOs dermatopathology education is Dr. Alex  Nirenberg. Others have assisted with dermatopathology input including Dr. Joan  Mones from New York.

The ACCO certification system, exams and structure would not be possible without the input from a trio of American dermatologists that all have decades of experience running post graduate skin cancer education and certification programs in the USA. The three dermatologists are Lloyd  Cleaver, Howard  Steinman and Terry  Cronin.

Grass roots rural General Practice input into ACCO has been led by Maffra GP Dr. Stuart  Anderson. Stuart is the ACCO Chairperson.

ACCO is also appreciative of expert grass roots skin practice input from dermatologist Dr. Tom Connelly in Florida, USA.

ACCO has an ongoing research program that is overseen by full time clinical researcher, Director of Research, Dr. John  Dixon.

Dr. Anthony  Dixon is the ACCO Director of Postgraduate education and convenes most of ACCO workshop activity.

Behind the medical education the mechanics of running ACCO is implemented by ACCO Secretary Ms. Maria Healy.

ACCO Liaison officer, Mrs. Mary Dixon, coordinates the certification of RACGP / ACRRM points for ACCO events.  

All ACCO contributors donate their time and expertise. ACCO is a not for profit interest group where income over expenses is directed to further education and further skin cancer research.