Allmedic PDT research

ACCO research on Allmedic PDT

The team from ACCO have completed and published several original research projects on Allmedic ALA PDT.

We started this research in 2008 with the products being provided to us by Allmedic Pty. Ltd.

The research is ongoing and ACCO will publish any and all research abstracts in the public domain once it has been published by a peer reviewed respected medical journal.

To date our research on Allmedic PDT has been published in Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Journal of Drugs in Dermatology and in Dermatologic Surgery.

  1. We published our study showing pain with their PDT can be severe. Abstract here
  2. We published a RCT demonstrating that Allmedic PDT did not prevent skin cancer. Abstract here
  3. We published case studies of severe side effects suffered by patients treated with their PDT. Abstract here

Since our research began, the Allmedic directors have been acting in a way so as to prevent knowledge of the outcomes of our trials becoming public. They wrote to the publishing journals making false claims about our research. These claims were formally investigated and found to be false. More details of their interference here.

In 2015 it was determined that Allmedic Pty. Ltd. were inappropriately using the domain

This (org) is intended for not for profit projects. Our research undertaken on allmedic PDT was entirely completed in a voluntary capacity. As a result the authorities considered that it was not appropriate for allmedic to use the domain but that it was appropriate for us to use this domain to enhance public knowledge of our research on allmedic products. Hence this domain now points to ACCO with links to our research details.